Node Js

Server-side web application framework written in JavaScript


Node.js is an open source, cross-platform built on Chrome’s JavaScript runtime for fast and scalable server-side and networking applications.

High Performance

Node.js provides the non-blocking IO system that process numerous incoming requests concurrently queued up and executed sequentially in a fast manner. app will achieve high scalability and perform faster.

Suitable for real-time applications

Use non-blocking, event-driven I/O to remain lightweight and memory efficient in the face of data-intensive real-time applications that run across distributed devices.

Fast development process

Node.js has been regarded as a full-stack JavaScript for serving both the client and the server-side applications. It saves both your time and valuable money.


Nodejs was developed with a focus on testing and has good built-in testing frameworks.

Cost Efficient

Node.js is an open source server environment distributed under the MIT license.

Our work - Filmreel

A backend data management system for FAVA (Film and Video Arts Society of Alberta) and other Canadian communities which is mainly about maintaining the data of film schools. The equipments and facilities required for a film school will be given for rent to the users. Users can book the assets and can participate in the programs and workshops held for aspiring enthusiasts. The price for the booking depends on the type of the user, users who are the member of the organization will be benefited the most.

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